"Harper n Hubble music" is about two friends who decided to get together and combine their musical ideas.

Paul Harper n Andy Hubble initially worked in education teaching Sound Production/Music Technology at Sandwell College, Paul later went on to teach for Bournville College, while Andy stayed on at Sandwell.

It wasn’t until after they both had left education that they decided to form a recording, production and song-writing partnership. Paul had been working with other musicians and vocalists for a while, which saw a number of his songs released by these artists. Paul and his wife Lynda live in Shropshire, which gives him more time to relax, write and play. Also according to Lyn, on the days of the HnH recording sessions it gets Paul from under her feet!

Andy, has for some time been producing music for Relax Listen, which initially was a vehicle for music placement in film and television. After signing a music distribution deal with Andrews UK, he went on to release the albums featured on the Relax Listen page.


Paul Harper

Paul Harper

Vocals, Guitar & Bass

is a singer / songwriter based in Shropshire, England. He performed in local bands as a vocalist and guitarist and went on to teach Music Technology and Production at Sandwell College, then later at Bourneville College. During his time as a lecturer he co-wrote a rock opera "Winds of Treachery" which was performed at the Edinburgh fringe festival. The music score received a very complimentary review by the "Scotsman" (the Scottish national newspaper).

Since leaving the teaching profession Paul has continued to concentrate on song writing. Two of his tracks "Tonight" and "Field of Dreams" has been featured on the Christian artist Faith Morley's album "Morning Star". Also playing several Music festivals and gigs playing both acoustic guitar and performing backing vocals for Faith.

Currently Paul is working with Andy, a close friend and exe teaching colleague, writing and producing new music. He lives with his wife Lynda, enjoying long country walks.

Andy Hubble

Andy Hubble

Drums, Keyboards & Engineering

is a musician, producer and sound engineer who works from home, just north of Birmingham, England. As an artist Andy's influences are rock, classical, smooth jazz and electro pop. Initially a drummer during his early career, he performed and recorded with "Snaps" a pop/rock band, The Victims, punk/new wave and "The Sunny Richards Band" a jazz /rock trio. In the seventies the bands supported "Thin Lizzy", "The Glitter Band", "Showaddywaddy" and "The Climax Blues Band" as well as "Trapeze" and other mainstream artists of the time.

Andy later went on to teach Sound Engineering / Music Technology at Sandwell College with Paul and It was during this period that he produced many of the tracks featured in the early Relax Listen albums.

At present, while his wife Carole is at work (doing a normal job as he calls it) Andy is househusband; cleaning, cooking and exercising their two cocker spaniels Ben & Misty, working on new music projects in between.